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Arena continues AMREF partnership with sponsorship of Kenyan dam construction

Tolentino, 4 December 2013 – Global swimwear brand, Arena, is pleased to announce its continued support of the African Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF) and its Water = Life initiatives. The company’s latest venture with AMREF involves financing the construction of a dam in Kathande, a rural village in southeastern Kenya some 200km (125 miles) east of Nairobi, over the next two years.

Currently the villagers of Kathande have to walk 4-5km to the Thua river to collect water from shallow wells dug into the river bed. In order to provide ready access to water, the planned project includes the construction of an underground dam flanked by two filtration wells along the course of the dry Kathande river. A commission for water management will also be appointed, and training provided in the operation and maintenance of the system, as well as conservation of the environment. Thus far building materials have been delivered, and the construction of embankments has started; filtration pit construction will commence in January 2014. The finished project will supply clean water year-round to 200 homes, benefitting 1,400 people.

The three-diamond brand has partnered with AMREF since 2009 in the construction of wells, cisterns, and boreholes in various parts of Tanzania and Kenya. In September 2012, Arena Elite Team member Kirsty Coventry visited the company’s two most recent projects in nearby Mutito and Ngelani Matia.

AMREF is the leading private health and research organization working in East Africa, and since 1957 has been implementing health development projects in Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, Southern Sudan and South Africa.

“The work that AMREF is doing in Africa delivers a message that resonates loudly here at Arena, where water is the lifeblood of our brand,” said Luca Belogi, Director of International Business Development. “We feel compelled to do something for the many millions struggling daily with one of the basics of life – access to clean water. That’s why we got involved, right at the grassroots level, helping Africans to bring safe water closer to their homes. We do this by aiding the efforts to build wells, cisterns, and water distribution systems, initiatives that can reduce the mortality rate by up to one third in areas that don’t have a constant supply of clean water. This latest initiative in Kathande renews our commitment to this cause, which we intend to continue supporting well into the future.”